Space65 R2&R3 keyboards Badge Pokémon


In 2022, Gray Studio launched the Space65 series of keyboards, which have become a popular product in the customized market for a while.

The overall performance of this kit is also very good, with a solid feel. After long-term experience, I personally recommend it as the main keyboard. The most iconic one is the RGB badge on the left.

Based on this iconic badge, we have designed two titanium alloy color picture styles. The badge is compatible with 65 R2&R3, with precise dimensional tolerances, and can be precisely matched with the kit body.

The two styles are different, and the color matching compatibility is better. After the player receives the product, he can find an extra equalizing strip in the accessory box of the 65 original kit to install or replace it with the original style’s self-contained equalizing strip. Hope this product can bring a different experience to the majority of players.


  • Material: Titanium TC4
  • Surface treatment: Anode titanium color
  • Group closing time: 20:00 GMT+8 Beijing time on August 16
  • Production cycle: 3-4 weeks
  • Estimated shipping time: 1-2 weeks
  • Detailed:
  • * Hand-drawn original design by the FreeEDC team “Free”.